Autistic or not, all children are unique. But society as a whole is trying to take that from them. If a child does not fit into the box of modern structure, then he is seen as unusual or in many cases labelled with a problem. Why I ask you, would any parent see their child in the light of “less than”? You might say, no, that’s not me, I would never see my son or daughter as anything other than perfect, but ask yourself this simple question; have you ever tried to change your child to fit into a world that you see is best for him or her? Have you ever tried to medicate them to have them more manageable, so they can fit in? Why in the world would you ever want your child to be the same as everyone else? I’m not saying don’t guide your children on the path of life, or encourage them, I’m just saying, if your child does not see things in the same light as you, then why would you ever force that on them?

Knowing and seeing many children that, according to the experts, have been labeled with Autism, ADHD or other behavioural problems, I have come to realise that the harder we try to medicate them and shove them back into a shell that does not fit them, the further we are pushing them towards irrevocable damage. If life has taught me anything it’s that we must embrace the differences in the world. If we had all been made the same then nothing would ever change, and change is the backbone of a magical life. When we take that magic and label it, then the spell that is imagination dies. Do not be the parent who denies the world of the next Elon Musk, or Russell Brand. The world needs characters, imagination and most importantly –– magic! What the world does not need is another stuffy politician who does not see the world for what it really is; a wonderland.

Embrace your children, help them to fly into the clouds of their dreams. Do not medicate them to the point of dumbing them down to nothing more than an empty shell. I understand that different is hard for a lot of people, but do not fall into the trap of forgetting that your child is special just the way they are. Fighting against this will surely see their true potential squashed.

If I was to tell you that your son or daughter was going to get a safe job in a safe world where they were desperately unfulfilled, but again safe, if you teach them to read, write and do their homework, would that make you happy? What now if I told you, if you had only just encouraged the gift that many see and label as a disease, guided them, made every moment and thought special, that they would one day become the man or women who brought the world, let’s say, Disneyland, would you not choose that path for your child every time?

Autism is not a mistake, it has been brought to us as a gift, as a way of getting us as adults out of our own way, and letting us explore a world that is magical and different. Let’s take this gift and change the world for the better. Let’s stop letting the blank faced aristocrats of the world dictate how we think, feel and act. If we continue to ignore what is being put in front of our noses, if we continue to ignore the wonderful world of imagination that comes from the children we try to medicate, to dumb down to societies levels, then the world is lost anyway. As parents, as adults, the human race must stand up and tell our children everyday, autistic, ADHD or otherwise, that anything is possible, any dream or idea is relevant. Tell them that as long as they can dream it, it is and always will be, possible!