A new fantasy book for teens featuring magic, mythical beasts, and a world of adventure for a seemingly ordinary lad named Sidon Charm.

From the shadows, a new hero will rise…

When his life takes a sudden turn for the worse, Sidon Charm finds solace in the brotherhood of The Immortal Legion. Along with his friends, Max and Auralia, Sidon must learn to master the art of weaponry, conquer the mystical world of magic, and hone his skills as a leader. But above all, Sidon Charm must come to grips with a power that, if unleashed by those who would wish to see him dead, threatens to send the immortal world spiralling into a new age of darkness.

What are readers saying? “I have been waiting for another book to capture me like Harry Potter and finally I’ve found it,” said Dee R. Matthew Hansford called it a “Must Read”.



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Sneak Peek

Ah . . . I’m standing on a giant?’ said a clearly horrified Sidon. ‘This is a giant?’ Sidon’s eyes widened as he now realised the rock wasn’t moving – the giant was breathing. It was covered head to toe in a thick layer of moss, obviously doing its best to camouflage into its surroundings. If Sidon hadn’t been so utterly terrified at that very moment, he might have found the work of the giant beast to be rather brilliant.

‘I would recommend jumping – now,’ said the girl, who seemed to be enjoying Sidon’s panicked state a little too much; her arms were folded, her stance amused. ‘Before it wakes up.’

’Clearly not wanting to be some giant’s dinner, Sidon, after eyeing the distance to the forest floor with trepidation, did the only thing he could – he leaped, with one fell swoop, as far from the giant as he could. His landing, although not entirely graceful, was soft; a cluster of shrubs had spotted his predicament and moved just in time for Sidon to land amongst them…

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