Adventure and Magic Abound in the Sidon Charm, the Book of Mysteries Book Trailer.

Announcing the release of the offical book trailer for my novel Sidon Charm and the Book of Mysteries. This trailer shows a snippet into the life of the seemingly ordinary boy, Sidon and his subsequent fall into a mystical land. With a racing soundtrack and sudden twists and turns, one can see that Sidon is surely in for a great adventure!

The decision to have a trailer made for my novel was quite an easy one. The inspiration came when one day I happened upon the book trailer for; The School for Good and Evil. I found that this trailer ignited something inside me and I desperately needed to read this book! 

It is exciting to see my story really coming to life in this animated book trailer.

About the Book:

An ordinary boy from Cottonshire, England is thrust into the immortal world. Hunted by dark forces, his hidden power could reignite a war that began centuries ago. Will he be safe at the Legion? Only time will tell…

On the day of his thirteenth birthday strange occurrences begin plaguing Sidon Charm’s simple life. After a tragic turn of events, Sidon finds himself in a world of mythical creatures and adventure leading him to the Legion, a school for Immortal Children found in a timeless land full of beauty and danger. Sidon must come to the truth of his origins and face the realization that he is the last Immortal Dragon. The survival of our world depends on it.

What are readers saying? “I have been waiting for another book to capture me like Harry Potter and finally I’ve found it,” said Dee R. Matthew Hansford called it a “Must Read”. Dive into the magical world of Sidon Charm today.

Animation by Shane Ingram

Illustration by Richard Birch

What do you think? Does the trailer make you want to read the book?