Delve into the world of magic and monsters with this collection of my short stories for you to enjoy. By T.H. Williams.

Short Stories by T.H. Williams


Short Story - MonsterChef by T.H. WilliamsMonsterChef

Mash, the loveable, but obscenely rotund monster, who hosted the most popular prime time show in Monsterville, MonsterChef, took his position at the front of the sold out auditorium. Running through his last minute throat warm ups, he rolled his shoulders and winked at the pretty pink monster in the front row. The lights flickered and they were ready to go. Continue reading…




SHORT STORY - True Crimes Revealed. Jack and Jill by T.H. Williams
True Crimes Revealed: Jack and Jill

When we think of the loveable brother, sister combo of Jack and Jill, we think of pails of water and stumbling down hills––a story told to children, but the truth is far more sinister. Jack, a notorious ladies man, and Jill––who worked for one of the largest mob organisations on the west coast of Nursery Rhyme––were nothing more than thugs whose story got lost in the waves of history. The files will tell you that they fell down the hill, but the truth will make you rethink what you read to your children at night. Continue reading…


 SHORT STORY - The Ugly Prince by T.H. WilliamsThe Ugly Prince

Once upon a time in a land far far away, there lived an ugly prince. He was neither handsome nor athletic, he could not wield a blade or fire an arrow. He was not gifted with a straight back and his physique was that of a young ladies, his hair was a shaggy mop of strawberry blonde madness and his freckled face often scared the women of the kingdom, he was, for all the world a toad in the body of a prince. That was until one cold winter’s night when he spotted a shooting star crossing the sky and decided to make a wish. Continue reading…

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