Do you believe in love? Do romance books for teens perch you on the precipice of emotional meltdown?  Well … you’re not alone. I’m not saying the tears flow every time I read The Fault in Our Stars, I have built up a tolerance, a strength that allows me to mask the heave of my heavy chest as my heart breaks. I am a man after all, I can’t very well have my emotions running rampant (cough cough), yet what I will not hide is my unbridled joy when the next big thing finds its way into my library. I won’t lie, I love romance books for teens, they are queen in my house. They rule the shelves of my little library with an iron fist. They are the Mother of Dragons burning her way to the Iron Throne.

But is the market becoming overcrowded? Is every aspiring author desperately seeking to be the next Stephanie Myer, the next big thing, all at the expense of great literature? I know some of you are reading this now, frowns plastered across your irritated faces, but ask yourself: would you rather read a hundred average stories, or three masterpieces that change your life for the better? Stories that make you want to denounce your loyalties to the past and embrace the pages of your newest love. I for one am on the fence. As an author you can only do your best, some people will love your work, others will hate it, it’s the nature of the beast. But as a book lover, a reader of classics and modern works alike, I would much prefer to see a classification between romance books for teens and classic romance books for teens.

We are at a tipping point, where an influx of books are burying us beneath the surface of their pages. Distinctions must be made so the true gems in the pack don’t get lost. I for one would be heartbroken to know the book that will change my life forever, may already be out there, flailing at the bottom of the ocean trying its hardest to find a helping hand. Let’s hold out that hand and pull it to the surface.