My Story

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As a man, just as it is for women, it can be hard to find that place where you belong. I’d always been told that you must be a certain way, fight through a blank canvas of emotions that only women are supposed to have. But I am not a blank canvas, I am not emotionless. I feel those same feelings, have that same longing. I am just as vulnerable with my heart as the women I seek to fill it. I love, I cry, I find strength in the words of classic love stories such as Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. More recently I fall asleep to the whispers of Bella Swan or the seductive touch of Anastasia steel. In my narrative, my unrequited love is not the strong male, or the brooding lead, but the sweet girl, whose strength is buried beneath the pages of her story––a story only meant for one other. 

I remember my first foray into the uncertainty of finding my souls connection: school the great equaliser. I bumbled my way through one school love after the other, searching for that one I would belong to. A broken heart here, a carefree summer romance there. It was freedom, joy, it was school. The years where a crush could fill you with the light of a thousand butterflies. Whether you belonged at school or not, everyone has experienced that feeling. Man or woman, boy or girl, that twinge of excitement when they walk by was enough to take your breath away.

Thwilliams books best books for teens

So though we are separated by our sex, we are not so different in our desires to find an epic love that will push through the borders of this world, reaching out a hand to the next. Life may be filled with the burdens of uncertainty, an uncertainty that can make love seem impossible at times, but you are not alone, it is a double edged sword: on one side you lie in wait, on the other is the man whose been waiting for you to walk into his life, just as long as you’ve been waiting for him.

My stories, the young adult books, the words I write, the recommended books of those who have come together in this community, they are for all of us. To bring us together, a band of brothers and sisters to help us find a place to belong, even if it is only between the front and back covers. To show you that you are not alone. That the man of your dreams, or the woman who consumes your thoughts, has the same uncertainties, the same longings. And though we are separated in who we are supposed to be, in reality we are all searching for the same thing: that epic summer love, that schoolyard crush, those feelings of butterflies whenever they are near, those same euphoric yearnings we had when we were at school, but this time, in this story, we no longer wish them to fade, but to hold strong and love us forever.

Young adult books and books for teens. You can belong, so come join us!