T.H. Williams | YA Fantasy Writer and Blogger

I have a passion for writing and would like to share with you my own creative stories and my take on finding the best books for teens and young adults.

It is a common story these days with more and more ‘unusual’ children being born, the traditional school system simply can’t keep up. I was one of those children who got swallowed up and lost in the system. With an unusual mind that wasn’t in-line with the traditional schooling system, I found that as an adult I have had to teach myself the writing skills that were necessary to my goal of becoming an author. I had an adequate school career, with amazing supportive parents and family life, I just found that the method of teaching in the school system didn’t stimulate and drive me personally towards my own success.

My own journey of losing my father at the age of 30 has impacted me strongly in my writing. With a very close relationship to my father, I find I write stories that are heavily based around the father-son relationship or in place of one, strong male role models in a boys life. These strong role models, along with highlighting the value of a few close friends for support, are important themes in my writing. My passion is spreading my stories to the world and using my own journey to showcase that although everyone feels they don’t fit in at some point in their lives, anything is possible, with a little foresight and determination to make it work.

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