Long gone are the days when women would find themselves hidden in the oversized shadow of a male hero. Days when they were only good as the damsel in distress, or positioned in the background as the handsome and overly confident male lead goes about his absurd and more often than not, pointless business. Don’t get me wrong, still to this day do I love a strong male character, a Jon Snow, a James Bond or a Jamie Fraser, but no longer does a book demand the hero have rippling muscles or an affinity to swing his sword around to impress the helpless female.

We are moving into a generation where a deadly arrow from Katniss Everdeen or a slicing blade from––my personal favourite––Celaena Sardothien, can be more effective and in many ways, more brutal, than anything their male counterparts could accomplish. Even the traditional love story has had a shift, the female has transcended her position on the bench and now, if anything shrouds the male in her overly large shadow. It’s different, it’s a reflection on how times are changing and I for one am a fan. However, I am a fan with conditions: this must not become about men and women, it must not be a battle to see who is stronger or who can knock the other down. For far too long things have been one sided, men have had the power and women simply had to fight to find their voice. This is no longer the case.

The Rise of the Female Hero.

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Divergent, Hunger Games, Throne of Glass, even Game of Thrones, they are all layered with strong female leads, but we can’t replace one strong arm with another. Now is your time ladies, a generation of women that can stand tall in their own power, a generation of women who may determine what comes next. It is now within your power to do what men could not. Now is your chance to unite us as one. There is no stronger sex, there is only one remarkably strong species. We are all human beings, every individual is powerful in their own right, let’s show those who would see us divided, that we are more than the labels that once defined us, that we are one unified voice.

Books, movies, TV shows, in many ways, define who we are. They can help us see through the eyes of others, encourage us to cry, to laugh, to stand up and be heard. As a writer I have the ability to help make change, to show where my allegiances lie, to have a Romeo or a Juliet as my lead. So to those writers out there choosing to give the female population a voice, I commend you, but I also implore you to do it in a way that sees us come closer as a people, not further divide and fracture the already unstable cable that holds us together. Men, women, old or young, we are all born of the same hand, we are all flesh and bone, we are all connected. Let’s find a common voice, let’s hold hands and become strong in the face of division, for the future of this world lies within every single one of us. We can’t fix the problems on our own, but if we reach for love instead of hate, see not men and women, but one human race, then perhaps we can make tomorrow a more united day than today. Every one of us is the hero of our own story, for every one of us has a story to tell that can change the world for the better.